Xtreme Admin Lite - Free Bootstrap Template

Xtreme Admin Lite

Free Bootstrap 4 Admin Template



Nice Admin

Bootstrap 4 Admin Template


Nice Admin Lite - Free Bootstrap Admin Template

Nice Admin Lite

Free Bootstrap 4 Admin Template



Elegant Admin Lite

Free Admin Template


Xtreme Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

Xtreme Admin

Bootstrap 4 Dashboard Template



Elegant Admin

Bootstrap 4 Dashboard Template



AdminWrap Lite

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AdminWrap Dashboard

Bootstrap Admin Template



AdminPro Dashboard

Bootstrap 4 Admin Template



AdminPro Lite

Free Bootstrap 4 Admin



MaterialPro Admin

Material Bootstrap 4 Dashboard


Free Bootstrap Material Admin Template

MaterialPro Lite

Free Material Design Admin



Mega Bundle

11 Bootstrap Admin Templates



Monster Admin Template

Bootstrap 4 Dashboard Template



Monster Admin Lite

Free Admin Dashboard Template



Maple Admin Template

Bootstrap Admin Template



Pixel Admin Lite

Free Dashboard Admin Panel



Ample Admin Template

Bootstrap Dashboard Template



What are Bootstrap Admin Templates and how it helps you? Free and Premium Bootstrap Admin templates from WrapPixel. Bootstrap is world’s most popular mobile first front-end framework with lots of component library. Its an open source toolkit for developing HTML, CSS and JS. Bootstrap is one of the best option if you want to create high standard pages that have enhanced components, powerful frontend features and plenty of unique benefits.

What is the use of Bootstrap Admin templates?

Bootstrap Admin templates helps you to create user interface of your backend project like CMS, CRM or any applications with it’s ready to use stunning design and easy to use HTML / CSS coding.

Bootstrap Admin templates will help you create that amazing user dashboards that always wanted for your projects. One of the nicest things about the Bootstrap Admin templates is that they are offering you mobile friendliness too, so you can easily start developing with mobile in mind as well.

Getting started with the Bootstrap Admin template is super easy, and you can always adapt everything to your own needs if you want to. What makes bootstrap admin template stand out is the fact that they are standalone, and you can feel free to use them without the need of any third parties. However, you do need some technical knowledge to use them, such as grid system, code organization, CSS and JavaScript libraries and so on. But once you start learning all their features, you will have no problem saving a lot of time and effort no matter the situation.

Why use Bootstrap Admin templates?

Here at WrapPixel, you will find free and premium Bootstrap Admin template that can help you to create outstanding admin areas / user interface for your backend project. We offer free admin templates for you to try before buy. As user interface is super important, we have crafted our admin templates with such a care and purpose oriented to help you best with great visuals and features.

That means you can have self-contained pages in no time and you can adapt and even optimize them the best way that you can. It’s great opportunity and one that does bring in front some very distinct results no matter the situation.

What is included in the WrapPixel’s Bootstrap Admin templates?

Each one of the Bootstrap Admin templates we provide is unique. But as you can imagine, all of them have some things in common. They are all responsive, so you can easily use them on any devices and still provide the same user experience. We also include fonts, a grid system for layout management, charting libraries, form elements, lots of table examples and button styles, browser tools as well as many other features. We recommend you to study the product list and based on that you will have no problem getting the results you want, so just try to consider that.

Another important thing to note is that we review all templates to ensure that there are no problems. This means the return on investment is huge, and we are always standing behind every item we offer regardless of its price.

There’s no need to use those larger pieces of software. Sometimes the simple and less expensive ones are the best for you. And with the Bootstrap Admin templates, you will have no problem achieving all those goals in a meaningful way. We made sure that everything is adaptable to your needs and features, and you are always in control.

These Bootstrap Admin templates also include a list of components too, so you immediately know what you are downloading. This offers a very nice experience and one that does have the potential to pay off quite well in the end. They are also compatible with all modern browsers, more specifically the popular ones like Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Internet explorer.

And yes, the Bootstrap Admin templates also have their own dashboard template design that differs from one template to the other. That means you can opt for a huge range of styles based on your ideas and styles too. That alone will be a great experience and very distinct opportunity to matter what happens. It’s a great thing to have, and it can do wonders, you just need to take your time and avoid any sign of problems. Our Bootstrap Admin templates are based on latest Bootstrap release 4 and some are in bootstrap 3 as well. So there wont be any compatibility issues. Plus, they are always up to date, and they even have bug fixes, so they offer a pristine experience at all times.