Nice Admin Angular Lite

Free Angular 7 Dashboard Template



Nice Admin Angular

Angular 7 Dashboard Template



WrapKit Builder

Build Websites and Landing Pages



MaterialPro React Admin

React Dashboard Template



Xtreme React Admin

React Admin Template



Xtreme React Admin Lite

Free React Admin Template


Xtreme Admin Lite - Free Bootstrap Template

Xtreme Admin Lite

Free Bootstrap 4 Admin Template



Nice Admin

Bootstrap 4 Admin Template


Nice Admin Lite - Free Bootstrap Admin Template

Nice Admin Lite

Free Bootstrap 4 Admin Template


Xtreme Angular Admin Template

Xtreme Angular 7 Admin

Angular 7 / CLI Admin Template



Elegant Admin Lite

Free Admin Template


Xtreme Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

Xtreme Admin

Bootstrap 4 Dashboard Template



Elite Angular 6 Lite

Free Angular 6 Dashboard



Elegant Admin

Bootstrap 4 Dashboard Template



AdminWrap Angular 7

Angular 7 admin Template



Elite Angular 7 Admin

Powerful Angular 7 Admin



AdminWrap Lite

Free Bootstrap 4 Dashboard



AdminPro Angular 7 Lite

Free Angular 7 Dashboard



What are Admin Templates and how would they help you …?

Admin Templates are these fully self contained (unlike WordPress, Drupal and Joomla) combinations of pages which work together for an existing website admin panel to make it look appealing and easy to operate. Each Template gives you the ease to create customized administration areas tailored to your needs for empowering you to enliven your projects. Our pre evaluated extensive and assorted collection will cater to all your needs and build user interface.

WrapPixel admin templates are ideal for creating wonderful backends for both developers and non developers. Developers can extend the admin area already created and improve it by introducing functionalities, add design inputs of your own, using HTML, CSS and Java Script, which otherwise wouldn’t be achieved. On the other hand, Non developers needn’t worry about learning the skill and starting from scratch. Since, the code is already there, you just need to add them into your project without designing and coding all over again, you can get your backend up and running in a matter of hours.

These templates save you a lot of time and money by focusing on solving the task on hand without the additional complications. They include:

  • Quality Dashboard Designs to play and make your own Dashboard
  • Responsive functionality that works across browsers, different devices etc.
  • Charting Libraries
  • Grid System for managing layouts
  • Fonts and styles for form elements and buttons

Our templates are easy to incorporate into your project, they provide great browser support, highly responsive, and they are very easy to customize. You can also extend the Bootstrap functionalities using plugins and addons to make your website / app / product backend more interactive and user-friendly. They render well on different screen sizes and resolutions, so your Bootstrap dashboard template will always look consistent and clean.