Hand Picked Templates by WrapPixel Team


WrapKit Builder

Build Websites and Landing Pages



AdminPro Angular 7 Admin

Angular 7 / CLI Admin Template



MaterialPro Admin

Material Bootstrap 4 Dashboard



Nice Admin Angular

Angular 7 Dashboard Template



MaterialPro React Admin

React Dashboard Template



Xtreme React Admin

React Admin Template


Xtreme Admin Lite - Free Bootstrap Template

Xtreme Admin Lite

Free Bootstrap 4 Admin Template



Nice Admin

Bootstrap 4 Admin Template


Nice Admin Lite - Free Bootstrap Admin Template

Nice Admin Lite

Free Bootstrap 4 Admin Template


Xtreme Angular Admin Template

Xtreme Angular 7 Admin

Angular 7 / CLI Admin Template


Xtreme Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

Xtreme Admin

Bootstrap 4 Dashboard Template



Elegant Admin

Bootstrap 4 Dashboard Template



Mega Bundle Angular

Bundle of 6 Only Angular Admins



AdminPro Angular 7 Lite

Free Angular 7 Dashboard



MaterialPro Angular 7 Admin

Material Angular 7 Admin Template



WrapKit Complete UI Kit

Powerful Bootstrap 4 Web UI Kit



WrapKit Lite

Free Bootstrap 4 UI Kit



AdminPro Dashboard

Bootstrap 4 Admin Template


Free Bootstrap Material Admin Template

MaterialPro Lite

Free Material Design Admin




What is WrapPixel?

Know about what we offer at WrapPixel

Are you looking for the best premium or free Bootstrap Admin Templates, UI Kits or Angular Dashboards for your projects? You are in the right place, as WrapPixel is here to offer you all of that and so much more. You can find a variety of templates, bundles and a great number of features in no time. In addition, you can get free as well as paid templates very fast. We support all products, and they have constant updates at all times too. We are always committed to professionalism and value, and you can easily contact our support if you need help on any admin templates or UI kits.

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Responsive with Bootstrap

Our Products are Ultra Responsive based on Twitter Bootstrap Framework, which will help your product to be pleasant to view in all devices.


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The design effort we put and the team we have is world class. Our all template design is award winning design to make your project trendy.


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