Ample Admin Template

Bootstrap Dashboard Template

Ample Admin Template

Ample Admin is a popular open source WebApp template for admin dashboards and control panels. It is a responsive HTML template that is based on the CSS framework Bootstrap 3.3.7. Also now included Bootstrap 4 Version. It utilizes all of the Bootstrap components in its design and re-styles many commonly used plugins to create a consistent design that can be used as a user interface for backend applications. Ample Admin is based on a modular design, which allows it to be easily customised and built upon. This documentation will guide you through installing the template and exploring the various components that are bundled with the template.

  • 3+ Different Dashboards
  • 7 Different Demos
  • Ample Admin Minimal Demo Version (New)
  • Material Design Dashboard Version (New)
  • 6 Color Skins
  • Clean and Simple Landing Page Included (Free $12)
  • Data Table Export to CSV, Excel, PDF, Copy and Print
  • Main PSD Files Included (Free $12)
  • Megamenu
  • Lightbox
  • Summernote
  • Range Slider
  • Light and Dark Color Schemes
  • Light/Dark Sidebar Themes
  • 600+ pages
  • 500+ Ui Components
  • RTL Support
  • Lots of widgets
  • Bootstrap 3x
  • 3000+ Fonts Icons
  • Fully Responsive pages
  • Lessbase CSS
  • Easy to customize
  • Many Charts Options
  • Multi File upload
  • Lots of Table Examples
  • Validation Forms

  • Chat Application (New)
  • Mail box
  • Inbox detail
  • Compose mail
  • Contact / Employee Listing (New)
  • Contact / Employee Listing Variation (New)
  • Contact / Employee Details (New)
UI Elements

  • Panels and Wells
  • Panel with blockUI (New)
  • Buttons
  • Sweat alert
  • Typography
  • Grid
  • Tabs
  • Stylish Tabs (New)
  • User Cards (New)
  • Modals
  • Progress Bars
  • Notifications
  • Carousel
  • List & Media object (New)
  • Timeline
  • Horizontal Timeline (New)
  • Nesteble
  • Range Slider (New)
  • Bootstrap UI
  • Stylish Tooltip (New)
  • Basic Forms
  • Form Layout
  • Form Addons
  • Form Material
  • Form with Float input (New)
  • File Upload
  • Form Mask
  • Form Validation
  • File Dropzone
  • Form-pickers
  • Image cropping (New)
  • Form-wizards
  • Typehead (New)
  • X-editable
  • Summernote (New)
  • Bootstrap wysihtml5
  • Tinymce wysihtml5
  • Professional
  • Sample Pages
  • Starter Page (New)
  • Blank Page
  • Lightbox Popup (New)
Email template (New)
  • Basic (New)
  • Alert (New)
  • Reset Password (New)
  • Billing (New)
Other Pages
  • Treeview (New)
  • Search Result (New)
  • Utility Classes (New)
  • Custom Scroll (New)
  • Login Page
  • Login page v2 (New)
  • Animations (New)
  • Profile
  • Invoice
  • FAQ
  • Gallery
  • Pricing
  • Register
  • Register V2 (New)
  • 3 Step Registration (New)
  • Recover Password
  • Lock Screen
  • Error 400
  • Error 403
  • Error 404
  • Error 500
  • Error 503
  • Flot Charts
  • Morris Chart
  • Chart-js
  • Peity Charts
  • Sparkline charts
  • Knob charts (New)
  • Extra Charts
  • Basic Tables
  • Table layouts (New)
  • Data Table
  • Bootstrap Tables
  • Responsive Tables
  • Editable Tables
  • FooTables
  • JsGrid Tables
  • Font awesome
  • Themify Icons
  • Simple line Icons
  • Linea Icons
  • Weather Icons
More Features
  • Google Map
  • Vector Map
  • Calendar
  • Multi-Level Dropdown
  • Log out
  • Support
  • Documentation
  • Gallery
  • Faqs



V 3.1 (7th January, 2019)
  • Updated to Bootstrap v4.2.1
  • Added form-bootstrap-validation Page
  • Added ui-spinner Page
  • Added ui-scrollspy Page
  • Added ui-toasts Page
  • Updated ui-bootstrap – Range
  • Updated ui-modal – Extra Large modal Click on image, Scrolling long content, Vertically Center, Tooltips & Popovers, Modal with Grid,
  • Updated ui-buttons – Different Menu Content, Button Toolbar with Input Group, Toggle States [Button Plugin], Checkbox buttons with Click[Checked] event, Radio buttons with Click[Checked] event
  • Updated ui-list-media – JavaScript behavior
  • Updated ui-carousel – With Individual Interval
  • Updated ui-grid – Gutters, Order classes, Offsetting columns, Nesting
  • Updated form-basic – Custom File Uploads with different languages,

V 2.2 (12th July, 2018)
  • [updated] bootstrap-select.min.js – to v1.13.1
  • [updated] fontawesome-all.min.css – to the leatest version
  • [updated] cropper.min.js – to v4.0.0
  • [updated] typeahead.jquery.min.js – to v0.11.1
  • [updated] bootstrap-editable.min.js – to v1.5.1
  • [updated] summernote-bs4.min.js – to v0.8.10
  • [updated] tinymce.min.js – to v4.7.11
  • [updated] datatables.min.js – to v1.10.18
  • [updated] footable.min.js – to v3.1.5
  • [updated] jquery.inputmask.bundle.js – to v3.3.11
  • [updated] bootstrap-tagsinput.min.js – to v0.6.1
  • [updated] bootstrap-datepicker.min.js – to v1.8.0
  • [updated] jquery.bootstrap-touchspin.min.js – to v4.2.5
  • [updated] jquery.multi-select.js – to v0.9.12
  • [updated] daterangepicker.js – to v3.0.3
  • [updated] moment.js – to v2.22.2
  • [updated] bootstrap-timepicker.min.js – to v0.5.2
  • [updated] jquery-clockpicker.min.js – to v0.0.7
  • [updated] jquery-asColorPicker.min.js – to v0.4.4
  • [updated] jquery-asGradient.min.js – to 0.3.2
  • [updated] dropify.min.js – to v0.2.1
  • [updated] ion.rangeSlider.min.js – to v2.1.6
  • [updated] jsgrid.min.js – to v1.5.3
  • [updated] tablesaw.jquery.js – to v3.0.9
  • [updated] jquery.dataTables.js – to v1.10.13
  • [updated] bootstrap-treeview.min.js – to v1.2.0
  • [updated] jquery.magnific-popup.min.js – to v1.1.0
  • [updated] morris.min.js – to v0.5.0
  • [updated] chartist.min.js – to v0.11.0
  • [updated] jquery.sparkline.min.js – to v2.1.2
  • [updated] jquery.peity.min.js – to v3.3.0
  • [updated] select2.full.min.js – to v4.0.6 rc-1
  • [updated] sweetalert.min.js – to v7.25.0
  • [updated] jquery.flot.js – to v0.8.3
  • [updated] Chart.min.js – to v2.7.2

V 2.1 (17th November, 2017)
  • Updated Documentation with more third-party plugin’s docs Links
  • In table-bootstrap.html page, Sortable Table Dropdown’s display issue – Resolved
  • In sidebar, white background on active anchor tag is corrected.

V 1.3 (05th October, 2017)
  • RTL Version – Time Picket and Date Picker Issue Solved
  • Alert Page – Position of Popups Corrected
  • Added Chained Selection Option

V 1.2 (29th May, 2017)
  • Added eCommerce Product Listing List view
  • Added eCommerce Product Listing Grid View
  • Added eCommerce Product Detail Page
  • Added eCommerce Product Edit Page
  • Added eCommerce Shopping Cart Page
  • Added eCommerce Checkout Page

V 1.1 (28th March, 2017)
  • Resolved Validation Errors
  • Improved jQuery Performance
  • Added Proper Event Bindings
  • Strict Mode Added


  1. Hi, this is install with bower??

    • Hey No, its static html template and we didnt used bower and the reason is lots of customers dont know how to use bower. Thanks

  2. Are there any plans to provide a Bootstrap 4 version of this template?

  3. Are you able to share how you populate data on the charts?

  4. Hi, have support for angular2+?


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  • Perfect template

    Perfect template!
    Well detailed and commented.
    It had everything that I needed for my app.
    I don’t regret my buy.
    Good job for the designers!


  • Superb Template

    Best and Easily customizable template 🙂

  • Great work For Great man

    Great work For Great man
    cool theme ever on internet nice support and all what You need

  • Nice template and great value

    Very nice template. You get a really big package with examples for everything, so you are ready to go if you want quickly build a nice looking app. The support team is also fast and nice if you have any questions they answer it fast. I can recommend it 🙂

  • Cool and UX are verry user friendly

    I'm glad found this item and also meet the author. The product is very Good and easy to understand. The codes are very clear, i'm using this without any trouble.

    I bought extend Licences coz, Im very confident with this template will boost my current product sales on Envato.

    Keep Up the Good Work.

  • Very Nice!

    This front-end templates are very nice, very suitable for my background to do now, provide a lot of components for my use. Customer service is also very patient, very good, did not download the success of the beginning, and later also help me download finished, it is worth!

  • Great value for a great template

    The free version is incredible and it had everything I needed, however I bought this full template to support the developer. It’s a great, lightweight template which has loads of awesome little features and pre-made layouts to help kick-start your next admin panel, CMS, or CRM system. Keep up the good work!

  • Professional Light-weight Theme

    in my opinion, Ample Admin is a professional light-weight theme that will suit multiple projects types including MVC web-projects & dashboard-type user interface. I am yet to take a deep dive into the many features it offers. But from a first-hand experience, I would say it is really worth the money you pay for it… Go ahead & give it a try

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